Interested in having Brandi minister at your next conference? A Sunday morning service? Your great-grandma’s Bible study?

Every ministry event Brandi attends revolves around three goals – getting everyone in attendance to experience God personally during the time, teaching how to encounter God on their own in everyday life, and stretching their faith to intentionally give away Jesus to others outside church walls.

So you don’t really know Brandi and question whether or not you should invite her – lets answer some common questions…

Is Brandi professional enough, she looks young? (Yes, and thank you.) Will Brandi teach some way out there message on miracles no one can understand and may not be Biblical? (Nope, she keeps everything based on Scripture.) Is Brandi high maintenance? (Her requirements are simple – some bottled water and a stand for my Bible. No smoke effects. No elephants. No little men in tight shorts.) Will Brandi need security and lots of “personal time”? (The more people she can talk with and hug on the better.) Okay, but how much does it cost? (Brandi lives by faith so she asks for travel to be covered and some type of honorarium or offering.)

Sample Messages