Saved + Sent

When was the last time you intentionally looked to share your faith?

Recently, I felt convicted by God for not making a point to tell people about Jesus as I go about doing life.

Most of my life is lived inside a Christian bubble – Bible believing friends, church services, and traveling for Spirit-filled conferences.

It has become way too easy for me to get comfortable being around people who love Jesus and lose sight of deliberately witnessing to the people around me.

In the book of Acts you see how the early church rapidly grew in power, boldness, and reaching new people with the good news of Jesus Christ. If you believe in Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit, you have already been empowered with everything you need to be an effective witness to bring glory to His name.

Over the next 30 days I am going to intentionally share my faith with someone outside of a Christian context. Scripturally, sharing the Gospel and the demonstration of power go hand-in-hand. I am not only going to share Jesus with words but step out in faith to pray for miracles to manifest as well.

Would you join me?

I don’t want you to just follow along on my journey, my prayer is to see you stretch your faith and step outside your comfort zone with me.

You can do this, you can be a witness for Jesus everywhere you go!

Let me know you are joining in so we can agree with you in prayer for greater faith and breakthrough – send me an email.

Saved + Sent Journey

Scroll down to join me for 30 days. I am sharing daily scripture, encouragement, testimonies and new ways I am being stretched.

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