Miraculous Class

Mentoring in the Miraculous 4-Week Class

If you know Jesus – you can work miracles for His glory!

The world is hungry for someone to help make God’s miraculous power manifest in their lives.

God not only wants to meet your needs, but wants to use you to reach the world.

It is our pleasure to sow into your life and calling, so we are giving away this online Mentoring in the Miraculous Class – absolutely FREE! ⁠

Join Brandi Belt for a 4-week online class to cultivate the anointing for miracles. ⁠

Some of the topics covered:

You will learn how to move from hope for a miracle, to belief it could happen to having a substance of faith.

You will learn the keys to seeing manifestation of the miracles you need – perspective, expectation, agreement and action.

You will learn how to dream with God for the impossible, even when circumstances you face seem insurmountable.

You will receive:

Equipping with 4 video lessons and manual to help you grow.

Activation with homework options to put action to your faith.

Impartation to accelerate your growth in the realm of the miraculous.

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