Miraculous Class

Mentoring in the Miraculous 4-Week Class

Have you noticed miracles are increasing? We are seeing greater manifestation of miracles and as a ministry are pressing in for more of them. Brandi Belt wants to see the Body of Christ mentored in moving in the miraculous because if you know Jesus you can work miracles.

Join Brandi for an in-depth 4-week class to learn how to receive the miraculous breakthrough you need while learning how to cultivate the anointing for miracles!

Some of the Topics Covered:

  • How do you move from hope for a miracle, to belief it can happen, to the substance of faith?
  • The keys to seeing manifestation for the miracles you need – perspective, expectation, agreement, action.
  • Jesus performed 37 miracles in scripture but why did He perform miracles? Are we called to operate in the miraculous for the same reasons today?
  • How can you grow in authority before God and man?
  • Is everything possible for God? Dreaming with Him for the impossible.

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