Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have a church or worship center?

We don’t have our own church but Brandi’s husband, John, is the senior pastor at Overflow Church in Cincinnati. You can find Brandi at their Sunday morning services when she is in town.

Do you have a way to receive prayer requests?

The best way to submit a prayer request is through the Prayer Request Form. Once the request is received, Brandi and her team will begin agreeing with you for God’s miraculous power to invade your circumstance.

Where is Brandi ministering this year?

All of Brandi’s public events can be found on her itinerary.

Giving Questions

What is an Ignite Partner?

An Ignite Partner is someone committed to join with BBM both financially and as a prayer covering. If you would like to learn more information visit the Ignite Partnership page.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Yes. Charitable donations to BBM are tax-deductible. Event registration and purchase of products are not tax-deductible. BBM is recognized to be exempt from Federal Income Tax as described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Will I get a yearly statement for tax purposes?

Yes. Every January, we email our end-of-year statements. To ensure you receive your statement, please make sure your current email address is listed on your account and be sure to mark all donations with that email, including those made by cash or check.

Event Questions

Can I pray for people at or around the alter?

BBM has a pre-selected ministry team with distinct badges. To create a safe environment, they are the only ones released to minister to people at the altar during times of altar ministry.

Can I bring my child/children to your event?

We love having children with us. We recommend sitting on an aisle near an exit in case you need to step out.

Will the speaking schedule be posted online?

We do not release the speaking schedule because our primary goal is connecting with God. We have some of the best speakers in the world but want Jesus to be the focus of everyone in attendance.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

Visit the Events page and choose the event you would like to register for or call 513-400-5111.