Start Living from Glory in 2020

Are you excited about 2020? I hope so. We are not only entering a new year but a new decade – a time of GREATER GLORY! What is the glory of God? The simplist definition is the weighty manifestation of His presence, power, and holiness. Some people know of God’s glory through hearsay – maybe they … Read more

The Harvest is Ripe!

Have you been in a place of transition? Do things that seem settled in your life feel like they have been changing quickly?  Personally, the last 18 months have felt like constant transition but I feel like I am gaining more clarity in the will of God for my life and settling into the vision … Read more

Get Ready for the Outpouring

We are right on the precipice of God pouring out His glory in ways we have never seen before. At a meeting in Missouri there was a woman attending who was a collegiate track and field star but now in her 40s. Over the years she had bone spurs develop in her feet and was … Read more

How is your relationship with God going?

Have you been hearing the rumblings of revival? How about all the prophetic words about reformation coming to nations of the earth? God is pouring out His Spirit like never before, but we don?t want to get distracted from the most important thing ? our personal relationship with Him. Recently, I have been studying great moves … Read more

Notable, Remarkable Miracles are Coming to America!

This summer during an amazing conference in the presence of God, I received prayer and had a clear vision of what I believe God wants to do in this season in the USA. Prophetic Vision As I looked around the stadium, I noticed tens of thousands of people solely focused on worshiping Jesus. Some people were … Read more